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  • @donnieyenofficial Stay safe and strong everyone! #repost @sweetcil
    Finally: home sweet home. Whether or not there is an official quarantine by law. We would still quarantine ourselves to protect our family, friends and public. Do your part! 💪🏼 I have chosen to forward this message because the chance of a spike in cases in Hong Kong, now that many have chosen to return as a result of border and city shutdowns elsewhere, is HIGH.
    Over the past 7 weeks, those who have either chosen or not had the choice, to stay in Hong Kong, have worked hard to keep Hong Kong as safe as possible. Hong Kong only began normalising last week - we now face the uncertainty of what the next few weeks will bring with loads of people returning. We really do not deserve, having worked hard, together, as a city, to have to retreat again so please be considerate. Let’s us enjoy Hong Kong knowing that those of you who have returned from anywhere overseas have chosen to self quarantine....Thank you 🙏🏻 FORWARDING THIS message
    a plea to everyone out there who are returning to Hong Kong from Europe, UK, US, Australia and other hard-hit zones: may we respectfully request that when you return from these places you self quarantine yourself and your children for a period of 14 days. We understand that this will be a difficult period. Please bear in mind that it's been even tougher for those who remained in Hong Kong with social distancing and without formal schooling. We wouldn't want the hard work of the past 7 weeks to be in vain. This is a moment of global solidarity, a matter of PUBLIC health and not a personal choice. United, we rise! Stay safe everyone, wherever you are!

    #socialdistancing #selfquarantine #homesweethome #stayhome #flattenthecurve

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  • @evalunna.f Do you like this pic? I don’t know if I do or no ... 😔

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