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damn you got some fire.. i think youd fit perfect on my beats.. please send me a dm to talk 🙌💯

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🏖🏖🇱🇷 Kindly Message me if you need any kind of graphic designs like Cartoons,  Logos,🎌 flyers,📝 Mix tape cover,  Animated Cartoon📹 🎬videos

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  • @vybedance In a very intense game of HA HA HIYA before our dancers smashed the @raptors905 @ccyaa_ half time show - Can you guess who were the undefeated winners? 😎 Hey, shoutout to everyone in VYbE that we haven't seen in agesssss, HOW ARE YOU WE MISS YOU IT'S BEEN TOO LONG TAG US IN A VID OF YOU DANCING AT THE STUDIO WE CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!😭 - Jas, Creative Director of VYbE. Also, thank you @bymichaeldavid for the live photography of this intense match and the rest of the day🙏🏻

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