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  • @junctioncoffeeokc We. Will. Remain.
    We started this week with that phrase and for a moment, we weren’t sure what form remaining would take. But there’s good news!
    We. Will. Remain.
    According to the governors mandate, all food service business are essential. That includes all coffee shops and coffee buses!
    It has become apparent by those who have been frequenting our window, that we are becoming essential for more than just caffeination, we are essential for hopeination. We don’t just provide coffee. We give respite from the routine. We give freedom from four walls. We give reassurance that small business will make it. We give laughter. We give place when there are none left. We give enthusiasm. We give relentless encouragement in the face of despairing circumstances. And for those reasons, We Will Remain.
    But we want to ensure we are a part of the solution and not perpetuators of the problem. So we’re making a few adjustments:
    1) NO MORE WINDOW ORDERS. Download the @joecoffeeapp and order from your phone (text coffeetime to 474747) and order from there. Window pick up and curbside are still available!
    2) if you can’t handle one more app, text your order to 405.515.9787 and we’ll send payment instructions
    And 3) PAY WHAT YOU CAN. A lot of people lost their jobs today. And in light of the ways fancy coffee has now become essential, it should be accessible to all! We will give further instruction on that tomorrow. -
    But for now; eat a snack, take a breath and rest well knowing you made it though another day! And the sun WILL come out tomorrow!
    Love you OKC! We’re going to make it through this!

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  • @fusionbrew We are so deeply thankful for all of the support we've received from the amazing community around us. Thank you to everyone who has intentionally made efforts to buy drinks and gift cards in spite of your own uncertainties. It truly means the world to us. We ARE hometown strong! 💜🏘💪🏻

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