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  • @bewileredemotions ~Anxiety~

    I have known anxieties
    They keep me on my toes
    Keen awareness when things are array
    Cat senses knowing how tense
    Situations can be
    So... I have anxiety

    Built on a foundation of instability
    Changing steadily my locations
    Or emotions
    Breaking my reasons for living
    Because uncertainty is now reality
    I have anxiety and its built on
    Neverlasting relationships
    It could give me strength if
    I own it and control its direction
    Instead of always assuming an ending
    As it's always easy in the beginning
    Who knows if there's a cure
    To this insanity which is my
    Anxious mind controlling my body
    The heartrate almost exploding
    I'd hate to think of the bad
    But the good seems too great to be true
    Over-emphasizing what I know
    Yet, my inner being just doesn't agree
    I have anxiety and it's abundantly clear
    That my mind is never here nor there
    But somewhere, trying to understand
    A world, I was brought in
    Where do I begin?
    K'Nicia 👑

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