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  • @myonehen My OC Chiruha whom I consider a mascot along with Blanc. I've had her since 2018 as an OC representing the year of the 🐓 (which is my Chinese zodiac sign). She was originally just a new years art with dog-chan, but I kept her as a mascot. I really love her a lot so it's amazingly sad it took me over 2 years to finally make a proper profile of her. Below is her lengthy backstory (am sorry for the length dhsja)
    Chiruha is a small deity of fortune known as The Goddess of New Beginnings , but is sometimes endearingly called Little Goddess by those who saw her form. Her shrine is placed in the middle of a bustling city; and because the surrounding establishments are schools, students of varying ages are the ones who often come to pray to her. They often ask for a safe and fruitful school year, or good fortune related to friends and family. Chiruha enjoys helping good children, and watching them grow up into adults especially when they still come to visit her shrine. One of her greatest joys is seeing them happy and having families of their own. She especially enjoys chocolate eggs as shrine offerings.
    Chiruha is considered a young deity, and has known herself as a deity for a little over a century. She doesn't know if she had a different life prior to being assigned with her role, or if she was born into it by the gods preceding her. Despite her curiosity, she doesn't actively seek her origins and simply focuses on helping mortals. Her shrine started small, but it eventually got bigger thanks to her believers. Not all the chickens who live in her shrine are ordinary poultry, but are actually her helpers in fulfilling wishes to those who pray to her.
    Thanks for reading!! Shares and comments are appreciated too. Let me know if she'll be interesting as my next DTIYS when I reach a new milestone.
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