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  • Julie Schulze ( @juliesrunninglife ) Instagram Photo
  • @juliesrunninglife I think my face says it all. I have no idea what mile this was, but I know it was raining so hard in my face, despite the visor, that I kept trying to blow the water off my face to avoid breathing it in. Boston 2018 tried to break me, but I fought back with everything I had. I’m already hungry for more. See you next year Boston! #boston2018 #bostonstrong #bostonmarathon #myfirstboston #bostonmarathon2018

  •  359  19  1 year ago
  • The Mother Runners ( @themotherrunners ) Instagram Photo
  • @themotherrunners Hey #motherrunners! Who gave you the gift of running?

    For me, it was my dad❤️. Legend has it 🤪 that I started running with him when I was 6-years-old. He had seen me running through the yard with our dog & thought I looked pretty fast. I began to join him for part of his morning runs. As a (former...but once a Marine, always a marine) Marine, he ran the @marinecorpsmarathon every year. I was too young to know that waking before the sun to run wasn’t most kids’ idea of fun (I didn’t mean for that the rhyme🤪). Soon, I was challenging all the boys to foot races at recess, running mile fun runs, & had a growing confidence that carried me into high school. I ran cross country & track throughout & while (like now) some of my strongest friendships were built while running, I didn’t like the pressure of performance. Running wasn’t “fun” any more when I had someone telling me what to do.
    I ran for stress relief in college. & while I didn’t run for a team, it was still something I did consistently everyday & was part of my identity. I even ran my first marathon (the 2003 @marinecorpsmarathon) as a senior at @georgetownuniversity, with the goal of a 3:30 ( #BQ). I ran a 3:29. That would be my last marathon until I met my husband 5 years later.

    Running was the only constant in my life. With new jobs, new towns, new faces, running was the only reliable thing I had. When working the midnight shift as a newscaster, I’d wake around 9:30 pm 😱 to run 10 miles on the treadmill every day before work. When my shift changed to 3am, I’d wake up 12:30am.
    One fateful night in 2008, I met a guy who loved running as much as me. We talked for hours about running. So I guess I can credit my dad’s gift of running for giving me this beautiful life with these beautiful children.

    Now, with being injured, I’ve been able to take a step back & let my youthful love of running regenerate. I’ve been able to let go of the obsession with times & goals, & know that each run (no matter how fast or far) is giving me what I need. & things come full circle, my parents now live close to us & my dad is my “race crew.” He’s ready for duty for when I’m healthy & races resume...
    Ok, your turn!

  •  73  7  3 days ago
  • Kristin Sellers ( @ksellers8runs ) Instagram Photo
  • @ksellers8runs Just contemplating if our 6 miles counts since my watch was dead 😂🤦🏼‍♀️
    This is the first time my watch has died prior to a run in at least 5 months. I blame coronavirus for messing up my streak of charged watch runs! We still got 6 miles done in a light drizzle because thankfully I know the route well enough by now after running it probably 2,508,657 times. I hope you’re all having a great week so far, two more days of work for me until the long weekend!

  •  448  23  1 day ago
  • Laura ( ) Instagram Photo
  • Today was suppose to be my second epidural injection but for obvious reasons it was cancelled! Which I understand 100% but still a tad bummed! The first one helped a little but was hoping this one would push things over the edge! And since being at home I’ve been experiencing some more leg pain which has me kind of discouraged. But luckily I’ve been able to chat with my PT & she said it’s more than likely due to the fact I’m sitting way more than normaI. That I need to force myself to get up from my computer/couch, move around & do back exercises more often! I think we all know sitting is horrible for us but I guess you don’t really realize it until your leg feels like it’s going to explode😖
    With injuries there likely will be setbacks, just a part of the recovery process...and as my PT reminded me, things take time. Which I have plenty of that! It’s the patience I need more of. But I’m trying!😆
    So here’s your reminder...Make sure y’all are taking the time to get up, move around. But make sure you are being safe, keeping your distance and #stayhome
    Also want to thank all the doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, first responders, CDC/WHO for your tireless dedication & efforts to keep us healthy & safe🙌🏻🙏🏻 #thankful #togetherapart

  •  118  26  1 week ago