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  • Shellie Garber ( @shelliegarberart ) Instagram Photo
  • @shelliegarberart Flashback- A few photos from when I first started painting back in 2016. I used lots of scribble lines back then! Swipe to see some of my early works. #throwback #backintheday

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  • Mandy Yocom ( @mandyyocomart ) Instagram Photo
  • @mandyyocomart Today’s #marchmeetthemaker prompt is SELF PROMOTION. 🤔🤔🤔 Thats something I do on a daily basis, sooooo I’ll try to make this post a little different. 😂
    I mostly show my abstract work here, but I also have another body of work which includes mixed media portraits on paper and wood. I paint lots of quirky characters and I also paint portraits of people’s pets. 🐶👧🏻👩🏼🐱🦊👩🏼‍🦰🦁👱🏽‍♀️🐯
    I’m going to be listing these small portraits in my shop soon, along with some others. Stay tuned for a new shop update this coming week, with these faces and more.
    And if you’re interested in having me paint a portrait of your sweet fur baby (dogs, cats, even horses,) please dm me for more information about that!
    Hope you’re all staying healthy, creative, and happy this weekend!

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  • Claire Desjardins ( @claire_desjardins_art ) Instagram Photo
  • @claire_desjardins_art Let’s talk about excess, today. Part of my joy in applying color to a surface, is being able to do so liberally. I love a good glut of paint. Too much is still never enough, if it’s a good thing (such as paint). Yesterday, I expected a delivery of paints, but received a last-minute notice from UPS saying that the delivery was delayed, due to “An emergency situation or severe weather condition”. The weather was good, so hopefully the driver is okay. We live out in the country, where deliveries are spotty, at best, even during normal times. Maybe my stuff will come today? My color addiction must wait. That said, I’m out of white paint. I must practice patience until it gets here.
    #ClaireDesjardins #GlutOfPaint #ArtistStudio #NeverEnough #WaitingForUPS #Abundance

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