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Yo send us Tristan and I that first pic, that angle looks crazy

@12v_doug Instagram Profile 2 months ago

Flawless 💎 🔥

@masonelkins Instagram Profile 2 months ago

Is your 3rd gen just a leveling kit?

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  • Gavin Huke 🎥 YouTube ( @forged1gen ) Instagram Photo
  • @forged1gen Saturday morning Weld scoop! 18x10 Velocities, they are indeed chrome so that'll need stripped off so we can sand and polish them then throw a set of radials on them!
    Also finally gave the 05 a quick interior detail and boy does this thing clean up nice, some interior things I need to do is replace the console cover, get some weather techs, and finally order some gauges for my pod mount!

    #OldSchoolCrew #fiddydollarscoop

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