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This photo is insane!😁👍

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  • @viciousbumblebee Ballard Maximal was the wealthy duke of the Du Maurier province. It happened that his daughter, Lavender Maximal, escaped with a worthless lover. Darkness fell over the mansion Marmalade Madness and the duke sent the most trusted servants to get her back, all the six members of Demonsaur. They were all enchanted by techno-magic, the duke’s inhuman bargain. ⠀

    I. Morning John had been the duke’s bodyguard for a decade after being seduced by the opportunity to pursue the furthest ends of existence. He was very aware of the duke’s unhealthy obsession with the daughter, so there could be no failure in bringing her back. ⠀

    II. Rufus had been Lavender’s guardian since birth. She had been an adventurous youth, but could trust Rufus with any troubles. It is why he felt great betrayal that she had fallen a more comforting lullaby and abandoned his service. ⠀

    III. Esteban, the sausage engineer, was a brutal pervert and also the head chef of Marmalade Madness. He had always secretly adored Lavender and now he saw an opportunity to get something he’d fantasized for years. ⠀

    IV. Lucky Samuel had been an orphan slave boy who the duke bought and conditioned into a sadistic soldier with the help of Morning John. He was willing to obey any order - but also someone with worrying unpredictable traits. ⠀

    V. Marino, the flower husband, worked for the duke as a soldier and black market dealer. He met Isabella during a “business negation”. After the bloody aftermath, they ended up resting on a field of flowers and fell in love. They were a fittingly violent match. ⠀

    VI. Isabella, the flower wife, was the duke’s young cousin and a business negotiator. Tired of her cousin’s business, she schemed a new career path with her husband Marino. Lavender was the duke’s biggest weakness and they saw an opportunity to gain from it. ⠀ (There were a couple of unposted drawings in the sketchbook and I got some ideas for all these together ahaha)
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  • @microscopy.photos Growth.⠀
    Closeup shot of a mung bean germinating.⠀
    I've been meaning to get this shot made for a long time now and only recently had the energy to do so. Far from perfect, but I learned a lot from this experiment.⠀
    Huge thanks to my wife for helping me out with this, especially growing the seeds.⠀
    Shot last December 9, 2019.⠀
    Camera: Sony A7RII⠀
    Lens: Sony FE 90mm F2.8 Macro G⠀
    Settings: 1/250 sec., f/13, ISO 100 (41 stacked images)⠀
    Lighting: Godox V350S

    Reposted from @reynantem 😊⠀
    Please visit their page for more content! ⠀

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    요즘 그림 너무 안올려서 일단 의무적으로 올림 #수업 #예시 만ㄷㄹ기 다시 일하러감

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