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  • i’m still not over this😩 just look how cute they are🥺❤️

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  • ❤😍

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  • THEY LOOK SO CUTE TOGETHER . I’m sorry ranveer ily AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY BAE . Sorry for the late wishes and edit .🥺❤️

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  • Understand Everything | The Cursed Tree VS Imam Husayn (A) . ⁦⚔️⁩What has happened so massive on Ashura in Karbala?
    The biggest disaster of history is Martyrdom of Imam Hosein and his faithful companions.
    A person who suffered martyrdom with his 72 faithful companion having parched lips, then their head were cut and their body were crushed under horse hooves and their family, wife, childes were took into captivity.

    He is the grandchild of the Prophet inviting the world to the peace, justice and goodness. Imam Hosein mentioned that: I never give up oppression.. One of the characteristic of Imam Hosein is that every believer remind him will be sad.

    40 days after martyrdom of Imam Hosein and his companions, his wife and childes taking into captivity were allowed to come back and meet his sacred tomb.

    Shiite (Muslim who believe on Imam Hosein) named the day of Imam Martyrdom Ashoora and 40 days after that his wife and Childs were allowed to meet his scared tomb is called Arbaein.

    Every year millions of people whether walking on their foot or by car from distant and neighbor country come to the Karbala on Arbaein.

    Pilgrimage swear allegiance again with the goals and ideals of Imam Hosein including battling with oppression, avoiding dualism, infidelity, not giving up oppression.

    Last year, population of Imam Hosein pilgrims maybe reached to the 20 millions.

    This year, in spite of threat of daesh terrorist, more population wants to dispatch to Karbala from different countries .
    The west media don't report this wonderful event and a rally of more than 20 millions or if they report, they show it unimportant. .
    . 👋You are also invited 📌October 05, 2020
    ⁦✈️⁩The origin of your own country
    ⁦🛬The destination of Najaf International Airport is 3 days to Karbala⛺ .
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